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Friday, 07.03.2015, 11:15 PM
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Stop Payroll Fraud with Web Based Time Tracking Software

Protecting time and attendance data is vital for small businesses to ensure that they receive work for every hour they pay. The use of web based time tracking software with biometrics is extremely effective in this regard. While entrepreneurs need to safeguard their interests, they also have an obligation to protect the private information of their employees.

Time clock online systems provide distinct benefits for small and medium sized business in the form of security, mobility, productivity and efficiency. Whatever your business niche is, if you have more than 10 employees, you could use a time and attendance solution in one form or another. While traditional methods of time tracking serve some purpose, they are outdated and rarely provide any long-term benefits along the lines of cost and time savings. On the contrary, if you implement an automated time and attendance management solution, you won’t have to worry about the administrative side of your payroll ever again.

How do Biometric Time Clocks work in your Favor?

Biometric features offer valuable help in ensuring the integrity and protection of your payroll information. Almost every industry is plagued today with employee lawsuits and labor law violation claims. With detailed and accurate digital time and attendance reports, web based time tracking software helps you avoid these types of disputes and wage claims. With a single click, you can get the entire work history of any worker. By coupling automation with biometrics, there is zero possibility of error and no chance of a dispute.

Time Clock Online with Data Encryption

You can be confident of the safety of your payroll data with the 128-bit data encryption used by these online systems. There is no possibility of data interference when the data is being transferred through this encryption. Since the payroll data is never stored on your business premise, there is no possibility of it getting manipulated or lost due to theft, fire or any other natural disaster.

Paperless Time & Attendance

With today’s modern workforce management solutions, you not only save in terms of payroll and productivity, but also in terms of office supplies and system accessories. Your business does not have to incur additional expenses for equipment and supplies. There is also no need for physically filing or storing information with these systems, thereby creating a paperless and smooth work environment.

Implementation Process

Another unique benefit of automated time clocks is that the implementation process is extremely simple. Since they operate in the cloud, a business does not have to enter into any long-term contracts to get started. There are no contractual obligations and you are free to cancel the service as you please. Installation is a quick process - simply set up the device, plug it in and start time tracking!

What more reasons do you need to stop payroll fraud in your organization? Start today by investing in web based time tracking software.